Law Firm Counseling

law firm counseling

Law firms, like most other businesses, face a number of challenges. In the legal industry, these challenges are usually heightened and complicated because of law firms’ duties and obligations to their clients as well as their colleagues. Chasnoff Valkenaar & Stribling, LLP works with law firms of all sizes to overcome these challenges.

We have experience advising law firms on the full gamut of issues facing the modern law firm. We have counseled law firms on various partnership issues, such as partner departures, partner compensation, demoting partners, the partnership selection process, and lateral partners. We have experienced first-hand the problems when partners join one firm from another, and we understand the importance of ensuring that any such move is handled properly. We have also worked with law firms to develop a host of firm policies, including policies for maternity leave, mandatory retirement, social media, hiring, diversity, pro bono, and substance abuse.

Our lawyers regularly help other law firms with numerous issues, including:

  • Partner departures – Sometimes partners choose to leave and sometimes the firm determines that they must leave. In either instance, there are numerous considerations, including transferring client documents to competing against one another.
  • Cybersecurity risks – Technology is a crucial part of a law firm, and law firms possess very sensitive information. Accordingly, cybersecurity risks must be taken very seriously. Protecting client data requires the diligence of every individual at the firm, and our attorneys are able to help develop the policies aimed to ensuring those standards are upheld.
  • Internal conflict – Just like any other business, a law firm can develop internal conflicts. In law firms, these conflicts are complicated by the client relationship. Our attorneys are ready to help your firm navigate the competing personalities and politics often involved in these situations, while ensuring the firm abides by its ethical obligations.
  • Firm policies – Just like any other business, law firms should have set policies to guide their partners, attorneys, and staff. Our attorneys can help your firm revise its existing policies or draft them from scratch.
  • Third-party discovery responses – Law firms are frequently served with discovery requests from parties involved in litigation. Our attorneys have experience representing law firms served with such requests and are prepared to ensure the firm responds to the request while protecting the attorney-client privilege.