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Employment Practices Liability Insurance in the #MeToo Era

Every business has insurance, whether it’s medical insurance for employees, property insurance for the building, or liability insurance for the actions of its directors, officers, and employees. While the insurance landscape is constantly evolving, recent social progress has led to rapid changes that will have huge implications for the insurance industry. Due to the major impact of the #MeToo movement, many insurance companies are rethinking how or if they will offer Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) to certain industries.

Computer Fraud Coverage For Spoofing Attacks

Computer Fraud Coverage For Spoofing Attacks? Recent Decisions Offer Guidance.

The typical crime insurance policy includes computer fraud coverage, which insures loss resulting “directly from” the use of a computer. As is readily apparent, computers are now used in nearly every aspect of modern business. As a result, the potential losses that can result from the use of a computer have grown exponentially. Courts have struggled, in turn, to define the scope of computer fraud coverage.