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U.S. Supreme Court Holds that an Employee’s Failure to File a Pre-Suit Discrimination Charge with the EEOC Does Not Necessarily Deprive a Court of Jurisdiction over an Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

In Fort Bend County, Texas v. Davis, 2019 WL 2331306 (U.S. June 3, 2019), the Supreme Court of the United States held that failing to file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission does not deprive a court of jurisdiction over an employment discrimination lawsuit.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance in the #MeToo Era

Every business has insurance, whether it’s medical insurance for employees, property insurance for the building, or liability insurance for the actions of its directors, officers, and employees. While the insurance landscape is constantly evolving, recent social progress has led to rapid changes that will have huge implications for the insurance industry. Due to the major impact of the #MeToo movement, many insurance companies are rethinking how or if they will offer Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) to certain industries.